Our mission is inclusion. A place where ALL ARE WELCOME no matter their race, gender, religion or sexuality. That is why we are forming an Advisory Board with hopes to change the world of golf. 

If you have ever felt uncomfortable on a golf course, we want you to join us to help implement the mission that ALL ARE WELCOME. So, what does this entail?

  • Talking about experiences / feelings of discomfort on a golf course
  • Identify areas where we need to be better within the game of golf
  • Partnering with allies and building meaningful relationships
  • Listening, learning and coming up with ways to be more inclusive within our local communities
  • Monthly Zoom Meetings

We will pressure industry leaders, governing bodies, brands, etc. to implement these best practices that we come up with, together. 

If you are interested in joining our “All Are Welcome” advisory Board, please fill out this interest form.