We want to hear your letter to golf. It's been a while since most of us have played, and it's no surprise that golf has changed a lot during the past couple of months. So, we want to share your story.

Help us by filming your own personal letter to golf. If you're not playing, tell us about what you miss most. And, if you are playing, tell us what you miss about the game before things changed.

Please keep the video under 1 minute and make sure to start it by saying "Dear Golf..."

If we use your video, we'll send you a new TaylorMade MG2 wedge to say thanks.

Keys for filming

  1. No need to get fancy, simply use your cell phone to record yourself. Pro tip: wipe the lens with your shirt so it's not blurry or greasy
  2. Rest your cell phone horizontally on something (roughly at the height of your head). To give it some height, try stacking books so it doesn’t give a “looking up” angle. 
  3. You should be centered in frame and the phone should be about 3-5 feet away.
  4. Sitting is ideal… we are “writing a letter” to golf! And, no, you don’t need any props.
  5. Please use the main camera on the back of the phone - not selfie mode. Your back camera is higher resolution.
  6. Have fun with it, speak from the heart, and we can’t wait to see your videos.