RGC Field Golf Club (Youth)

$40 $60

When the RGC Community speaks, we listen. And who better to listen to? Field Golf is officially for the kids, too.

Play in the park, your yard, or on the course — this club was made for the kiddos to blur the lines between where golf can and can't be played.


  • 1 RGC 9 Iron (Youth Length - 32.5")
  • Ideal For Ages 7 - 14
  • Black Iron Finish on Clubhead and Steel Shaft
  • 17B Inscription (The Most Important Rule... Laugh at the Bad Shots)
  • Righty and Lefty Options Available
  • Free Shipping in the Continental US


Final Sale: This product is not eligible for RGC's free returns and exchanges program.

    Our Mission

    Make golf a club for everyone.

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